Life’s Full Bloom – Menopause Hypnosis

August 23, 2022by Kathryn Hewitt0

Life’s Full Bloom – Menopause Hypnosis

Hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, foggy mind and sleepless nights. These are just some of the
many joys that can accompany Menopause.

Sound familiar?

They don’t have to be.

My Menopause Relief Hypnosis Program will have you feeling like you are reborn. This individualised
program will teach you how to turn down the heat, clear your mind, improve your sleep and much,
much more. And all without the need for potentially dangerous HRT.

Let’s turn down the heat and turn up the joy of living your life, naturally, gently and easily.

Pop over and take a peep at my blog ‘Life’s Full Bloom” and contact me today to book an obligation
free consult.

Start enjoying life!!!.

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