Kathryns method of hypnosis releasing trapped emotions is life changing. I have for the first time in 42 years felt inner peace and a positive outlook on the future, I thank Kathryn with all my heart for helping me get to this point in my life
– Susanna Johnson
Kathryn offers a special method of hypnotherapy and is a beautiful person. I began a series of sessions a few months ago and truly believe that old emotional blockages that have bugged me for years, have cleared. It doesn’t mean I don’t get emotional anymore, but I am more empowered to deal with the negative stuff. I sleep better, am more positive and in charge of my life. The tasks that are suggested to do during sessions, writing & reading ‘positive switches & learnings’ and keeping a ‘gratitude diary’ are great tools. Well worth doing. Thankyou Kathryn for your guidance, love, and friendship.
– Maggie Ward
I would encourage anyone who is a little lost and needs some guidance to reach out and find a suitable program to work through with Kathryn. If you put in the hard work, you’ll reap the benefits.
– Tammy Griffin
I first came to Kathryn back in March 2019, I got referred to her it was not long after losing my father as I felt like I lost my purpose in life. I made the step and booked in and completed a program for emotional wellbeing it was honestly the best decision I have ever done, and still love coming! Now that I have finished my program I come back and do reiki sessions. I always feel so relaxed and content after completing the sessions I highly recommend Kathryn she is such a understanding, patient reassuring beautiful Person who never judges and only wants the best for you. So, I thank you Kathryn for my life journey   
– Alannah Kessel
Put simply, Kathryn has changed my life. She is an extremely qualified and effective practitioner but also a genuinely caring and deeply connected human. Kathryn has helped me sort through and move past trauma both very present and from the past that was buried very deep down. Every session with her was a journey, she was intuitive in her methods and always seemed to know what I needed. She always put me at ease and was extremely professional and knowledgeable. I found myself craving my sessions with her as it was a relief and a reset for me.
Thank you Kathryn, I’ll never be the same again which is the biggest compliment I can give you. I highly recommend this therapy and Kathryn if you are trying to deal with a lot of things that you can’t seem to manage, need a reset, are stressed, and distracted or hurting in any way mentally. I’m well on my way to healing and living the life I want to live. 
– Crystal Gadenne
Kathryn is such a kind and caring person, that is a wealth of knowledge in her field and who has such a passion to want to help others. She took me through a program that has really helped me move forward and work though blockages from my past. She also gave me the tools that I could use at home to lessen the emotion of situations if they came up again. Once again, thank you Kathryn, for being such a beautiful person.
– Brinkley Dennerly