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Kathryn Hewitt

Hi, I am Kathryn HewittWelcome to Inner Space Wellbeing

In late 1996 I was diagnosed with the auto immune disease Lupus. My health was in a poor state as I struggled having enough energy to cope with a toddler and daily life. Looking for a modality that would assist me further than the orthodox methods I had already engaged in I discovered Reiki. In 1997 I met Reiki Master Robin Rodgers whose own remarkable Reiki story inspired me to train immediately as a practitioner. I was totally unprepared for the improvements in my health.

These improvements steadily continued as I further trained in other methods of complementary healing. Later in 1997 I married and 4 years after I discovered I was pregnant. Due to my lupus and medical history, the doctors were on red alert which increased my stress levels and heightened my fears around birthing.

Regardless I continually gave myself and my baby Reiki. I believe this explained the good health of my baby while carrying her. I astounded specialists when I carried to term a perfectly healthy baby girl. In 2009 I felt a strong urge to train as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. I really cannot say why but I felt a calling and so I trained with Hypnosis New Zealand. In 2009 I received my Diploma and later in 2013 I extended my knowledge, completing my Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy with the same training institute.

My Testimonials

A few months back I had a very nasty chest infection in my lungs. I was very grateful to have been give an opportunity to have received some Distance Healing from western Australia to New Zealand from Kathryn. We had three Healing sessions and the experience was amazing, it was my first time doing healing this way and Kathryn’s support & guidance was wonderful and I would totally recommend it to anyone wanting to heal themselves in a nature and safe way. Thank you Kathryn for your Healing Energy 💜😊💚

Tina Schuck

We completed the Hypnobirthing course with Kathryn and loved it. We felt comfortable and safe in her capable hands and we’re looking forward to our birthing day so much more now that we have her knowledge and teachings behind us. The course is fantastic and I highly recommend it to any future mums and dads.

Jocelyn Kowal

Kathryn is very sensitive to your personal needs and health situation. Thoroughly recommend for ongoing management of life’s stressful moments.

Rhonda Scott

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Menopause and Andropause Symptoms
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Copyright 2022 Inner Space Well Being. All rights reserved.