About Me

Find your passion and you will never need to work again

I am Kathryn Hewitt

Kathryn Hewitt

My Story

In late 1996 I was diagnosed with the auto immune disease Lupus. My health was in a poor state as I struggled having enough energy to cope with a toddler and daily life. Looking for a modality that would assist me further than the orthodox methods I had already engaged in I discovered Reiki. In 1997 I met Reiki Master Robin Rodgers whose own remarkable Reiki story inspired me to train immediately as a practitioner. I was totally unprepared for the improvements in my health. These improvements steadily continued as I further trained in other methods of complementary healing. Later in 1997 I married and 4 years after I discovered I was pregnant. Due to my lupus and medical history, the doctors were on red alert which increased my stress levels and heightened my fears around birthing. Regardless I continually gave myself and my baby Reiki. I believe this explained the good health of my baby while carrying her. I astounded specialists when I carried to term a perfectly healthy baby girl. In 2009 I felt a strong urge to train as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. I really cannot say why but I felt a calling and so I trained with Hypnosis New Zealand. In 2009 I received my Diploma and later in 2013 I extended my knowledge, completing my Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy with the same training institute. In 2012 our family moved from New Zealand to Western Australia. Initially I struggled to settle and fell into a deep depression. I was losing weight, unable to sleep and couldn’t stop crying, something was wrong. I was usually the one pulling people out of an emotional hole, but I found myself in one and I could not get out! Then I woke up one day with the realization that it was sink further or swim. I had all the inner resources to assist others so why not assist myself. I took up yoga to support my journey as I began to treat myself with Reiki and self-hypnosis. Due to my own birth trauma with my daughter, my dream was to be able to teach women and their partners how to have a calm relaxed birth experience. So, in 2020 I became a Certified Gold Seal Hypnobirthing International practitioner.

I regularly keep up to date with new techniques in Hypnotherapy as the practice is forever evolving. It brings me joy to see Hypnobirthing, hypnotherapy and Reiki rapidly becoming accepted by mainstream professionals as an effective complementary method.

I once read a phrase ‘find your passion and you will never need to work again’. Well I have found my passion by supporting others to heal and find peace through my wellness centre.